PRAY: Fridays at 12

For Peace on the Korean Peninsula

#forjustpeace | #NorthKorea

On March 27, more than 90 evangelical leaders and pastors from across the political spectrum called Christians everywhere to prayer

At 12pm on Fridays, wherever we are, we will stop and pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula. 

Will you join us? 

The signatories ask Christians everywhere to join in prayer for: 

  • Permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula:

    • the avoidance of military conflict; and

    • the emergence of conditions on the Korean Peninsula that allow for flourishing relationships between each individual and 1) God; 2) others; 3) oneself; and 4) all of creation;

  • A just and peaceful resolution to current tensions, including:

    • wisdom for our political, diplomatic and military leaders as they work across differences toward a goal of peace, security and freedom; 

    • wisdom among leaders from North Korea, South Korea and China, that God’s people on the peninsula and in the US might live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness; and

    • for God’s kingdom to come on the Korean peninsula and His will be done there as it is in heaven;

  • Mercy from God over the Korean Peninsula;

  • Blessing from God on the efforts of citizens who seek to bridge the vast differences between our countries and guidance for American evangelicals who pursue this work;

  • The American church to demonstrate empathy toward the people of the Korean Peninsula, praying in a spirit of friendship, noting the image of God in every human being​.

Will you urge your communities and networks to join together on Fridays at 12 pm, wherever you are, to pray for Peace on the Korean Peninsula? 

You can find a short overview of the history and current situation on the Korean Peninsula along with these prayer directives here, prepared by a brother on the Korean Peninsula.

Let people know you prayed #forjustpeace.