Take action on Biblical peace

The Biblical scope of peace calls not only for God's followers to learn and pray, but to join him in enacting that peace.  Below are ideas and resources from our EfP partners to equip you and your community to actively engage in peacemaking.


Advocate. Learn. Welcome neighbors. Build community. Be transformed.


Act Locally

Counter Islamaphobia in your Community

Experts argue that this work is critical to countering violent extremism.

Help move your community from fear to faith and realism. Contact Pathways for Mutual Respect for ideas and resources to counter Islamophobia and racism in your community. 

Developing Uncommon Friendships

From Global Immersion Project

Global Immersion Project is offering a free, 30-day trial and discounted unlimited access of Global Immersion's 5-week eCourse entitled “Developing Uncommon Friendships: A Practical Guide."  Load online with the following promo codes:

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Hold a Peace Feast

From Peace Catalyst

What if we made it our goal to see these restaurants flourish? What if we went often, tipped well, and made it our responsibility to promote these wonderful restaurants? What if we turned our meal times into intentional opportunities to bless restaurant owners from countries like Somalia, India, Iran, and Iraq?

Refugee Resettlement

From World Relief

Practical steps that every individual and church can take to make a real, meaningful difference in the lives of refugees and the displaced.

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Act Globally

Sign our Statement of Principles for Foreign Policy

From Evangelicals for Peace

A Church Leader's Tool Kit on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

From World Relief

As leaders, we have an opportunity to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He shapes how deeply our congregants lives are rooted in Scripture, how they are formed as disciples, and how effectively they are equipped for mission. This refugee crisis provides an incredible opportunity to do just this, but this particular leadership journey provides some unique challenges. This guide is intended to help you navigate this timely journey. 


Learning Labs

From Global Immersion Project

Our Learning Labs immerse you into international & domestic conflicts and into the lives of the everyday peacemakers embedded within.

Advocate for Refugees

From World Relief

Seeking to follow the example of Jesus, join World Relief in advocating on behalf of individuals and communities, as well as working to influence the policies and structures that create poverty and oppression.

Guidelines for Empowering Children and Youth as Peacebuilders

From World Vision

We encourage the use of these Guidelines to ensure a systematic, coordinated and monitorable approach to empowering children and other young people as peacebuilders. The Guidelines do not prescribe activities but provide broad guidance on content, processes and tools, leaving room for programmers to be creative and to design context and age-appropriate activities. 

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