Evangelicals for Peace is a network of organizations. We represent diverse approaches to peace, security and justice as we pursue a Biblical vision of human flourishing.

who are we?

Member Organizations


  • World Relief

  • National Association of Evangelicals

  • Sojourners

  • Global Immersion Project

  • Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding

  • World Vision

  • Pathways for Mutual Respect

  • Evangelicals for Social Action

  • Peace Catalyst

  • National Latino Evangelical Coalition

Advisory Team


  • Eric Patterson, PhD, Regent University, Dean of the Robertson School of Government; Expertise: Religion and politics, Ethics and international affairs, Just-war theory in the context of contemporary conflict

  • Doug Johnston, PhD, President, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy; Expertise: National Security and Faith-based Diplomacy

  • Martin Accad, PhD, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Director of the Institute of Middle East Studies; Expertise: Christianity through the eyes of Muslim thinkers, Muslim-Christian Relations

Steering Team


  • Galen Carey, National Association of Evangelicals

  • Adam Estle, Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding

  • John Hartley, Pathways

  • Rick Love and Martin Brooks, Peace Catalyst International

  • Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners

  • Gabriel Salguero, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

  • Jer Swigert and Jon Huckins, Global Immersion Project

  • Randy Tift, Matthew Scott and Craig Swandby, World Vision

  • Sarah Withrow King and Joshua Carson, Sider Center/Evangelicals for Social Action

  • Jenny Yang, World Relief

Our Current Structure


  • The structure of EfP includes a Steering Team, an Executive Team and sub-committees for specific projects. Each team is composed of representatives from network member organizations that actively participate in EfP.

  • Steering Team meets once a month and is responsible to set the direction of EfP.

  • Executive Team meets twice a month, is composed of members of the Steering Team, and is responsible to facilitate the decisions of the Steering Team.