five: afghanistan

2015 saw the bloodiest year of the Afghan War since the US-led invasion 14 years ago.  Planned peace talks between the new Afghan government and the Taliban, which seeks to re-establish Islamic fundamentalist power, were put on hold earlier this year.  In 2015, the Taliban made significant gains, temporarily capturing a key northern city.  Meanwhile, groups affiliated with Daesh have seized territory in the eastern part of the country.  Though NATO and Western powers officially ended combat and handed leadership over to Afghan forces in 2014, over 10,000 troops remain in the country, and President Obama recently announced an extended timeline for troop withdrawal.  

Pray for God to protect civilians from violence; pray for the resumption of peace talks and for God to give government leaders wisdom and humility as they seek a resolution to the war; pray that security forces live up to the responsibility of their vocation, act with justice, and demonstrate both strength and restraint within the rule of law; and pray against the growth of violent extremism in the region.



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