four: central african republic

Central African Republic is considered a failed state in crisis.  Perennial conflicts in bordering countries of Chad, Sudan, and DR Congo overflow into CAR, bringing an influx of arms and vulnerable refugees.  These refugees, along with internally displaced Central Africans—one quarter of the country’s population—are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.  A coup in 2013 ousted President Michel Djotodia, the first Muslim leader of the majority-Christian country.  Deadly inter-religious clashes between majority-Muslim and majority-Christian militias increased after the coup.  Christian militias have been known to attack Muslim civilians and vice-versa. Despite a history of inter-religious harmony, there is now a very high risk of genocide along ethnic-religious lines.

Pray for stabilization of the wider Central African region; pray for God’s provision of humanitarian assistance for refugees and IDPs and protection for the humanitarian workers and security personnel helping them; pray for God to intervene in the growing genocide and that Jesus followers and others would be freed from cycles of revenge and violence; pray that the Church in CAR would grow to shrewdly love their Muslim neighbors and to love their enemies.



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