one: syria

Syria was the most violent place in the world in 2015. Since war broke out over four years ago, over 220,000 men, women, and children have lost their lives in a complex war that pits multiple warring groups and the government against each other. Many of the world’s armed forces are dropping bombs across the nation, bringing grand matters of geopolitics into the local struggle and displacing millions of civilians within Syria and across its borders. Millions have sought refuge in camps in neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan. Hundreds of thousands of other refugees have travelled farther afield including to Europe, seeking peace. Christians are persecuted and people of all faiths are being targeted by violent extremists.


Pray for God to protect innocent civilians from senseless violence; pray for God to bless diplomats, security personnel, and other leaders to find effective and just international action to resolve the war; pray that the global Church would understand clearly how to respond to the naked, hungry and poor within Syria and the countries to which they have fled; and ask God to end this merciless and lethal war.



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