three: somalia

Since the military overthrow in 1991, Somalia has experienced cycles of conflict and failed government attempts.  Ravaged by inter-clan fighting, Somalia fragmented into clan-based regions ruled by rival warlords and, at times, Islamic courts.  Somalia has also suffered violence from Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-allied militant group that continues to pose a threat.  Much of the population – 70% of which is under 30 years old – has emigrated, fleeing violence, unemployment, and lack of basic services.  In 2012, a tentatively stable full federal government was established.  However, current President Mohamud has called off the 2016 popular election, citing security concerns.

Pray for government reform toward inclusivity and economic growth, and for the groundwork to be set for a transparent and peaceful popular election; pray for God to reconcile clan groups; pray for God to protect civilians, leaders, and security forces against violence and extremism; pray that God’s people would be obedient to bring his mercy and justice to people caught in this conflict.



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