christians engaging global conflict

november 16-17, 2016

washington, dc

Essential Readings

The Ongoing Conflict

By Mustafa Haid

Das Presentation on Syria to Christ-Centered Relief and Development Leaders - Oct 2016

By Rupen Das

Basic Intro to Just War Doctrine

By Catholic Answers

Basic Intro to Humanitarian Principles

International Committee of the Red Cross

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Additional Selected Readings

Readings are supplied as background by presenters and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the EfP network.

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Hill Event
Evaluating US-Syria Policy:
Looking back to move forward

Strategies for Peace: Transforming Conflict in a Diverse World

By Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

The Weight of Glory

By C.S. Lewis

One humanity: shared responsibility

From United Nations General Assembly

The Failure to Protect

by Joseph Loconte

Three Ways the 45th President Can Advance International Religious Freedom

By Travis Wussow and Matthew Hawkins

Syria's White Helmets

by Joseph Loconte

The Syrian Catastrophe: There is No Plan B

By Joseph Loconte

Syria and the challenge of transformational resilience

By Jonathan Papoulidis

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Consultation, Session 1
Why Evangelicals Should Care

Reconciliation as the Mission of God

By Reconciliation Network

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What is CVE (Countering Violent Extremism)?

By Alejandro J. Beutel with Mimi Yu and Asma Shah

Terrorism Triangle in Boston

by Jennifer S. Bryson

American Leadership Amidst Complexity and Crisis

by John Gallagher

Christian Leadership for Reconciliation

by the Great Lakes Institute Leadership Initiative

Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

By Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding

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Consultation, Session 2
Countering Violent Extremism &
Cultivating Peacemakers
Consultation, Session 3
Serving the Afflicted:
Christian Action on the Ground

2016 Hunger Report

by Bread for the World

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Consultation, Session 4
Orienting and Organizing
Evangelical Action

Developing Uncommon Friendships: A Practical Guide

The Global Immersion Project

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Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians

By John Paul Lederach

Just Peacemaking: The New Paradigm for the Ethics of Peace and War

By Glen Stassen

Nonviolent Action: What Christian Ethics Demands but Most Christians Have Never Really Tried

By Ron Sider

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